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Village Rolfing was established in 1998 by the late Dr. R. Louis Schultz and Marcelo Coutinho, two Rolfers with the shared philosophy that the continuous pliability of the fasciae system is the foundation for efficient patterns of movement, which ultimately leads to the body’s wellbeing.

Life forces such as gravity, stress, repetitive movement, and injuries turn the body’s natural fluid fascia into a dense and restricted tissue, pulling the body into patterns of compression and reducing our range of motion. Standing, sitting, walking, working, and playing…We all want our bodies to be flexible, limber, upright, and full of vitality. Our focus is to lengthen and loosen your body’s fascia, your connective tissue, because it is the fluidity of our fascial layers - not the muscle system itself- that allow for the possibility of a free and easy way of moving.

Village Rolfing is located on a quiet, tree-lined street in the heart of NYC’s Greenwich Village, and is close to most subway lines. Appointments must be made in advance either by phone or email.

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