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Focus on The Pelvis

Focus on the Pelvis work is primarily intended for those clients who have completed the 10 Basic Rolfing Sessions.

“In working with the pelvis, one must constantly remember that the area does not exist in isolation. There are connections to the legs and trunk, as well as fascial and muscle relationships to the entire body. Tightness in the shoulder will affect the movement of the pelvis. The swinging of the arms in walking will liberate movement in the legs and pelvis. Balance in the pelvis can not be achieved without balance in the rest of the body.” - R. Louis Schultz, Out in the Open: The Complete Male Pelvis

The pelvis is an area which can carry heavy emotional baggage and fear of touching. It is the area which is often “shut off” from feelings both emotionally and physically. Such disconnection often exists as a result of cultural and developmental histories. 

There is a tendency, especially for men, for a disassociation of the genitals from the rest of the body. The work here is to encourage men to come to terms with their genitals in ways to achieve greater sexual enjoyment, overcome nervousness, resolve negative cultural attitudes about the relationship between the genitals and the anus, and help with structural and functional problems of the area such as pelvic floor tension myalgia/ spasm, pelvic pain syndrome, prostatitis, pudental neuralgia, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction, among other issues. 

In working with women, the approach is similar and yet differs due to the difference in structure. Factors employing strong influence on the female pelvis are child bearing, abortions, fertility treatments, menopause, episiotomies, and groin injuries, among others. 

In both sexes, adhesions in the area of the inguinal canal can cause discomfort and problems with fertility. Also, physical injuries and tightness caused by excessive exercise and/or working out frequently can appear in the groin, pelvic floor, and buttocks. Additionally, histories of both physical and emotional abuse can be manifested by manipulation of the tissue. The work also focuses on such issues as urinary urgency or incontinence, chronic constipation, inguinal hernias, sciatica pain, piriformis syndrome, low back, hip, groin, and pelvic pain.  Restrictive habit patterns can be modified by a combination of sensitive movement techniques and equally sensitive bodywork.

Movement, including the breath response, is a major component of working on the pelvis. The ideal movement of the pelvis in walking is that the pelvis moves with the rest of the body. A direction which can be effective is to ask a man or woman to walk “through the genitals”. This can be accomplished only after some work has been done on the pelvis and embarrassment is lowered. 



Dr. Rolf frequently said that the goal of every Rolfing session is to balance the pelvis. 

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