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"This is the gospel of Rolfing: When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through.
Then, spontaneously, the body heals itself"

- Dr. Ida P. Rolf


Post 10 & Advanced Sessions

After completing the 10 Basic Rolfing Sessions, a client may choose to continue the work with either “Post 10” sessions or a series of “Advanced Session” work, which become more personalized with time in accordance with each individual client’s needs.

Post sessions are individual sessions that can be considered basic maintenance work, or a “tune up”, focusing on the benefits achieved from the 10 Basic Rolfing Sessions. Post sessions can help further advance the client’s process of resolving and understanding their own functional patterns of movement, structural organization and expression.

Advanced session work may consist of a series of three to five sessions that address specific problems along with concurrent focus on balance and alignment.


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