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Rolfing Movement Sessions

Rolfing Movement Integration aims to break the sensory blindness of inefficient movement patterns and body habits. The goal of these sessions is to overcome these automatized tendencies and to help the body to move in a healthier way. 

Our body habits reflects our developmental history, which is rooted in our interactions with our environment and culture. Some habitual movement patterns can keep us from experiencing the full richness of our lives. This work facilitates us to move freely, feel more deeply, and realize broader possibilities for expressing ourselves.  Psychological changes may occur, and we do not ignore this, however we also do not delve into emotional history and areas of which a Rolfer’s training does not address. 

Rolfing Movement Integration sessions are explorations of guided and free movement routines, of gestures, of ways of breathing, walking, sitting, standing, etcetera.

The movement work can be done before, after, or in combination with the structural Rolfing work. This approach to movement work is greatly appreciated by athletes, musicians, dancers, actors, singers, desk workers, clerks, cooks, painters, waiters, models, trial lawyers, and by anyone that wants to improve the quality of their physical performance and their body awareness. 



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